Sunday, July 17, 2011

BarkingMagpie: He feigned injury again? For the umpteenth time!??

BarkingMagpie: He feigned injury again? For the umpteenth time!??

He feigned injury again? For the umpteenth time!??

I have seen this movie before and this man deserves a Bollywood best acting award!

BABI and his bodyguard smeared with probably fake blood,I am sure of it, and seeking international sympathy!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) was quoted in the Kingdom of Bahrain tabloid Daily Tribune saying: "They shot directly at us. I could hardly breathe and stand up at the time." Well where else would a riot police shoot at to disperse unruly demonstrators? The answer is: directly at them!
However, BABI gave the impression the police is brutal, the impression he wants to give to the world to discredit our police force!!
This tabloid also said BABI told this tabloid from a hospital bed, where the he was kept overnight and was on a pain killers.
Well all I can say is this man is the greatest actor and an accomplished drama king of all time from Malaysia.. His pathetic [picture showing him in hospital bed,I am sure, is being distributed around the world and thus place Malaysia in a bad light once again.
He has feigned injury on various occasions and even accused the Malaysian government of being out to murder him by staging an accident, and that the government might inject HIV-positive tainted blood in his body, while he was in custody so he will die a miserable death.
But he lives on to inflict injury to Malaysia to the rest of the world!
Well, some may believe him some may not but the point is for how long are we going to endure this one man crusade to destroy multi-racial Malaysia, and what is the government going to do with him.
This acknowledged racist (he does not like Indians) must be stopped, and to stop this Malaysians must come to their senses, or we are doomed!

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